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OmniScope Academy’s educational strategy begins by reinforcing the basics and developing core skills to empower students for lifelong academic and professional success

We serve students in grades 3th – 12th. Students at OmniScope Academy represent various academic levels and areas of interest, turning to us for the development of their skills from beginner to gifted levels. Our environment is warm and inspiring, uniting students from schools across the city of Chicago and its suburbs, including out-of-state and international students.

The educational professionals at OmniScope Academy hail from and represent some of the most reputable universities in the country. They are experienced instructors and qualified role models who recognize the privilege of educating the global communities’ future leaders.

OmniScope Academy promises to work with all students with integrity and sincerity. We’ll invest fully in your child’s success

Why OmniScope

Our innovative curriculum designed to build students’ academic foundations, fully prepares students to excel in standardized testing, such as the SAT, ACT, and AP Exams. Through our unique pedagogy, all material is reviewed and reinforced by homework, classwork, and tests.

Meeting students’ expectations is our top priority; our students complete class surveys, which serve to establish their levels of satisfaction with their instructors, classes, and curriculum.

Note that our students have enrolled in prestigious colleges and universities.

Instructors at OmniScope Academy are experienced, tailoring the class sessions to students’ needs.

Small class sizes allow instructors to provide undivided attention, tailored curricula, and personalized learning experiences for each student.

Curricula at OmniScope Academy focuses on core area of English, Critical Reading and Writing, and Math, with additional classes available other core subjects.

Our students build their self-confidence as they learn and mature academically.

Progress reports are conducted both formally and informally, as parents are updated on their child’s achievements through progress reports and verbal updates via staff. Both formal and informal progress updates allow for communication among the OmniScope Academy, its instructors, and parents.

Engagement and interaction of various kinds best serve our dynamic classroom experiences. Beyond traditional lectures, our courses employ interactive in-class activities such as roundtable discussion, debates, and group work that foster active learners.



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