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Spring Intensive Program

Omnis Core Program’s curriculum offers ongoing reinforcement of subject matters taught in school, wherein students learn how to apply these contents onto all schoolwork. In addition, Omnis Core Program’s curriculum develops important habits in students namely, self-motivation, by entrusting students with homework and test/quiz preparation outside of the classroom.

Each class will include a variety of pedagogical methods such as lectures, interactive class discussions, and group activities. In addition, starting from Spring 2008, every student will give presentations on a topic of his/her choice in consultation with the instructor. The presentation may include handouts and multi-media. Dates of student presentations will be arranged during the first week of class. As can be exhibited here, students will be asked to actively participate in and provide meaningful contributions to the class discussions and activities on a daily basis. Class expectations and methods of instruction will be communicated through course syllabus.

Omnis Core Program offers Spring, Summer, and Fall Semesters for students in grades 4th – 12th. To best serve students’ needs, students are welcome to join all three classes (i.e., English, Math, and Critical Reading & Writing) – or choose among them.

!!! Registration is NOW OPEN for 2019 Spring Intensive Program !!

2019 Spring Intensive Program

Session: Jan, 19 2019 – Jun 8, 2019 (Sat only per week)

Subjects: English, Math, and Critical Reading & Writing

Students: Grades 4th – 12th

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  • Math Study

    Session: Year-Round

    Deepen Topics with In-site and Video Conference

    Build Basics Knowledge to Apply all Subjects

  • Vocab+

    Session: Year-Round

    Grade Levels Growth

    Broaden Areas

  • ACT and SAT Test Prep

    Session: Year-Round

    Time Management and Test taking Strategies

    Pinpoint Solving by Large Problem Bank

  • 2019 Spring Intensive Saturday Core Program

    Session: Jan 19 2019 - Jun 8 2019

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