Graduate with Honor
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Flexible Schedule from 9 am to 5 pm on all subjects with Concept Review and Problem Solving

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Get any kind of Help or Assistance to get rid of Obstacles, In-site or Video Online with Personalized study Plan from Professional Tutor

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Test Prep

From Test-taking Strategies to Time Management, Students get Confidence before taking Test, also get Proven Test Results that might work all life long

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Time is more than Money

Best Investment is Time Management, not Money. School Year has not breakpoint to be calculated. Chance is one time to get big Prize. Call us or fill the form to get free Information

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OmniScope Advantage =
Individualized Plan
+ Proven Results

How OmniScope work? For almost decade, we've handled students as individuals, and tailored our programs to fit their unique goals, academic needs, schedules and financial status. As consequence, our results are proven, so everyone can trust us to help your child succeed

  • OmniScope Method

    Proven method begin with a full academic evaluation to pinpoint needs, Then Develop a personalized learning plan and bubild success through individualized instruction

  • Proven Results

    We help students build confidence and motivation to suddeed, So they always get outstanding academic results and achieve life long goals

  • Personalized Study Plan

    Individualized Instruction is tailored to each student's unique learning needs, And check their progess and upgrade thier study plan

  • Certified Instructors

    Instructors are certified, profrssional and extensively trained, so we can lead the level of learning more than commom core standard average

  • Flexible Scheduling

    We always around your life. Even you are away and busy to attend in-stie learning, you can easily get lesson with online everywher and antytime

  • Affordable Programs

    Our programs are affordable for every budget and financial status, and offer flexible payment options to meet your needs.

  • Systematic Management

    Before, During and After learning process, we keep all data of works and progress to discuss your results and goals. So review and check multiple dimensional track of works for dreamed college

  • Free Consultation

    Do not hesitate to get important information for your children. More plentiful information you get, more bright life ahead in your children

WELCOME! 2019 Spring

Our website is dedicated to our current and prospective students, staff, and growing OmniScope Academy family. Through this website, we hope to create intimate and sound relationships and share our branch’s passion, program and vision.
Please take some time browsing our website thoroughly, and feel free to ask questions and enjoy yourselves at this community.

Once again, Welcome!

NOW AVAILABLE: 2019 Spring Intensive Saturday Program Registration

Our 2019 Spring Intensive Saturday Program will give current students an opportunity to build upon fundamentals and achieve a higher level of academic progress with updated, rigorous materials. In addition, our new, incoming students for 2019 Spring Intensive Saturday Program will have the opportunity to master current expectations for their grade levels, and then move forward to embrace more challenging levels.
It starts Jan 19, 2019 to Jun 8, 2019
For more information, please feel free to either refer to OmniCope Fall Intensive SaturdayProgram from our website or contact us 847-480-1285

Early Bird Discount

OmniScope to success is
Proven Method and System

Conduct an Evaluation

Every Student take comprehensive academic evaluation that pinpoint student's strengths and weakness.

Develop a Peresonalized Study Plan

Bsed the results of academic evaluation, we develop a personalized learning study plan targeted to achieve each student;s goals and nedds

Customized Learning

Students received individualized lesson to help them learn at their pace on their level to build skills, confidence and motivation

Feedback and Communicate

We keep the track of works and progress, and discuss student's progress and needs with parents continously including face to face meeting and social networking systems

The Results are =
Omniscope Helps
+ Parents Feedback

  • Saturday Intensive Program Results

    Broaden Areas

    Deepen Topics

    Build Basics Knowledge to Apply all Subjects

  • Tutoring Results


    Grade Levels Growth

    Reading and Math

  • ACT Results


    Point Increase

    on ACT Score

  • SAT Results


    Point Increase

    on SAT Score